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Law Office of Charles A. Higgs


Law Office of Charles A. Higgs is dedicated to providing legal representation in a variety of areas, including bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, and litigation.


Bankruptcy Cases

Our team assists individuals and small businesses in navigating bankruptcy cases, offering personalized solutions to address their financial challenges.


Foreclosure Defense

We advocate for individuals facing foreclosure, utilizing strategic defense tactics to protect their rights and provide them with options to safeguard their homes.


Debt Relief

We offer comprehensive debt relief services, guiding clients through debt management and settlement options to achieve a fresh financial start.


Creditor Harassment

Our firm protects individuals from creditor harassment, employing legal measures to ensure fair treatment and stop harassing practices by creditors.


Property Disputes

Resolving property disputes through strategic legal interventions, we work to protect our clients' property rights and achieve equitable solutions in complex real estate matters.



In legal disputes, we provide strong advocacy and representation, working tirelessly to pursue favorable outcomes for our clients through skilled litigation strategies.


Loan Modification

Assisting clients with loan modification processes, we strive to negotiate favorable terms and conditions, aiming to secure feasible repayment arrangements.

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