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                            FORECLOSURE DEFENSE

You have worked too hard to let the bank take your house. We have experience representing homeowners like you in the foreclosure process. The most important step in fighting a foreclosure action is making sure that you file a timely response to the foreclosure complaint. Foreclosure Complaints filed by the banks are often full of defects, we know what to look for and use our experience to help you fight to keep your house. 


In Foreclosure actions involving home loans, borrowers are entitled to a foreclosure settlement conference. We have experience representing borrowers in foreclosure settlement conferences and assisting borrowers in negotiating a mortgage modification.

Common Foreclosure Defenses

  • Failure to provide the notice required by RPAPL 1304

  • Lack of Standing

  • Lack of Service

  • Improper Service

  • Statute of Limitations has expired


Settlement Conferences

The attorneys at The Law Office of Charles A. Higgs, will represent you during the foreclosure settlement part and will assist in the mortgage modification application process.

Private Property

Converting Bank mistakes into Dismissal

Mortgage companies are sloppy and frequently make mistakes in their foreclosure papers. The attorneys at The Law Office of Charles A. Higgs will help you find those mistakes and use those mistakes to seek dismissal of the foreclosure.


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We have represented homeowners in a number of litigated foreclosure matters, and have successfully obtained dismissal and/or settlements for our Clients.  Whether its statute of limitations issues, failure to comply with 90 day notices, or FDCPA issues, we leverage bank mistakes, to obtain a favorable resolution for you.

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